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Class Expectations

For Myself:

1. I expect daily reflections on lessons I taught

2. I expect differentiated instruction in each subject I teach, daily.

3. I expect clear communication with parents and students

4. I expect patience and consistency in routines, structure, and behavior management.

5. I expect to create engaging, and fun lessons!


For Students:

1. I expect effort and improvement.

2. I expect completed work. This includes homework and weekly reading! I do not send home busy work, every assignment has a purpose.

3. I expect teamwork and a positive attitude. Your child is not only taught academics but also character building and tools of how to interact with peers.

4. I expect problem solving and communication with me. I am not a mind reader but I will help my student's find the skills to solve their own problems and work together.

5. I expect my students to participate and have fun!


For Parents:

1. I expect parents to establish a routine at home for all paperwork and homework.

2. I expect issues to be discussed with me prior to other parents. Parents are their child's advocates. I expect communication through emails, phone calls, notes, and scheduled meetings.

3. I expect parents to be involved in their child's education.(Parent involvement will be established at Back to School Night)

4. I expect parents to check the class website, their email, and read the weekly newsletter.

Thank you for reviewing our class expectations! You are such a valuable part of your child's education. You know them best and know how to motivate them. It is important to me to work together to help your child have the best third grade experience possible.


Thank you,

Mrs. Cervantes

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